Krampus Coloring Challenge

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    THE 2-DAY “LIVE” Challenge is over! But you can still participate anytime at your own pace!


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    1. Colored Pencils in at least 4 colors (red, dark red, medium brown, and light brown). You can use ANY BRAND of pencil that you have, and of course, ultimately, you can do as you wish and use any colors you want. 

    2. A print-out of the page (click the button above).

    3. A pencil sharpener

    4. (optional) metallic watercolors in red and gold to add some holiday sparkle!

    Okay… all signed up?! Excellent! Hope you enjoy it!


    (Love this?! Want to color more magical Yule cards and things?)

    YULE PAPERCRAFT FOR A MAGICAL SOLISTICE is filled with fun holiday crafts like greeting cards, festive banners, oranments, and gift tags. It’s available in paperback, hardcover, and printable PDF (instant download!)

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    1. Thank you so much your stuff is amazing can’t wait to color and post how fun . And I am excited to see more of your products for purchasing.🥰

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