Coloring Book of Shadows February Planner Magic

February Planner and Spell Pages

Hi and happy February! I’m trying to get ahead of the game on coloring the pages from the Planner for a Magical 2018 ahead of time… so I can post some inspiration and ideas if you’re coloring along at home! So… here’s what I’ve got for February so far… If you like these pages and want to color your own… …

Imbolc Altar with Brigid's Cross

My Hearthside Imbolc Altar and Brigid’s Cross

I made my first Brigid’s Cross! Super happy and blessed Imbolc! I wanted to share a few pictures of my own Imbolc altar, especially the sweet little Brigid’s Cross that I made. It was my first time making one, and it was a little harder than I thought it would, but I pulled it together (with a dab of magical …

Planner for a Magical 2018 Coloring Pages

Magical Planner Coloring Pages from January 2018

Here’s a little roundup of pages I colored from the Planner for a Magical 2018! If you want to see more coloring inspiration, check out my Instagram feed where I repost lots of amazing pages colored by other talented, awesome people (hashtag #coloringbookofshadows!) and some by me, too. It’s really fun to look at everyone’s different take and style… each page …

How to Color a Green Glass Bottle

How to Color a Green Glass Potion Bottle

Color-Along with this Green Glass Bottle Hi there! I love how this green glass potion bottle turned out, so I colored one live on Facebook. And you can color along to make your own (watch below.) This page is from the Planner for a Magical 2018, but you could color any bottle or transparent object with a similar method. I used …

“January” Charm Bag Spell Page

Watch and color-along! Check out the video below where I do a “live coloring” of this bubbling cauldron and Charm Bag Spell from the Planner for a Magical 2018. Here are the finished pages… hope it inspires you to color something awesome in your Book of Shadows or planner! Colored with Prismacolor Premier pencils.