Planner for a Magical 2025 Announcement

Just a quick post to announce the Planner for a Magical 2025 – available in:
– Black & White “Coloring Book of Shadows” version
– “Full-Color” version

RELEASE DATE: October 15, 2024
… for paperback, hardcover, and spiral-bound versions.

Printable PDF’s will be available at a later date, December 1, 2024.

It’ll be available from my shop, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble online.

And the theme is… MAGICAL ANIMALS!! Here’s a quick preview of just one of the pages… there will be lots more on this theme… so… I hope you like it!

Animals offer us powerful lessons and wisdom in life and in natural magic. Animals archetypes help us to step outside of ourselves and see our lives and intentions from a bigger perspective.

I’m very excited to share more of this book with you soon! Hope you like it!