(Re)connecting with your Psychic Power

We’ve got Mercury Retrograde coming up in April, and it’s an excellent time to re-learn, re-view, and re-commit to things.

And that’s why I made April the month of Psychic Development in the Planner for a Magical 2024 (available in full-color and black and white versions…)

(and heck no, it’s not too late in the year to start a planner! There’s still so much time for magic this year, seriously! I promise!)

Anyway — here are some tips to work with your psychic and intuitive skills… because you CAN train yourself to listen and tap into that wisdom within you.



We all have an inner voice of logic and reason. This is the “thinking” voice and it looks to the outside world for more information, analyzes it, and gives us guidance on what to do next. It looks to our history, education, what other people think, what we’re afraid of …. etc. It basically looks at EXTERNAL or outside factors, which can be useful…. But… 

But… we all have this other voice or source of wisdom — this voice is non-linear and non-logical. It doesn’t pull from facts or history or outside sources like other people. 

This voice comes from inside, and it is the voice of intuition, or the voice of “knowing.” And this is where the magic happens! 

Intuition may come to you as a voice, a feeling, an energy, a sense… however you feel it or witness it — it’s within you, and you have access to this all the time, anytime you need it. 



You probably already know or sense you’ve got some psychic power or intuition. And you’re likely either:

1. Really new to it and not sure if you’re doing it right 

2. Solid with it but you haven’t been practicing (me!) and you want to reconnect

3. In a committed, dedicated, loving intuitive practice right now (anyone?! Anyone?! Good for you if so!!!)

I’m in the second camp — I know I have some really strong psychic and intuitive powers —I’ve seen them work in my life… but… I’ve let my practices slide due to time and the busy-ness of life. (You, too?! I’m guessing a lot of people will fall here!)



You might want to think of your relationship with your intuition like a relationship with another person…. you’ve got to cultivate that connection a little if you want it to be strong and build trust and flowing communication! 

Here’s what I’m doing to get back on track and reconnect this month. Wanna join me?! Let’s do it and be powerful witches together… ready?! Yes.

1. Re-commit to 10 minutes a day meditation/stillness/silence.

I’ll be honest, I’ve been trying to get back into a 20-30 minute daily practice but it feels like too much time, so I just skip it entirely or am not consistent.

So I’ve re-committed to what I can do consistently — 10 minutes a day — instead of scrolling or playing Legend of Zelda or whatever — I’m sitting in silence. It’s do-able and powerful. It filters out noise and distraction, and it allows me to slow down and listen to my intuition. Which leads me to… 

2. Re-connect to the “voice” of your intuition.

What does your intuition sound or feel like? Mine tugs at me. Kind of like a little kid. It is not frantic, critical, or rushed. It is supportive, calm, quiet, and encouraging. It often leads me to an ACTION, something I could do right now that is within my realm of doing that makes me feel hopeful or excited.

So practice finding that voice. Just start being aware of it in the present, and see what you recall about it from the past.

3. Reveal what makes you dismiss your intuition.

For me it’s two main things: 

TIME – My intuition will tell me to do something, and I find I often say, “but it’ll take too much time!” This is a clue to me that I’m dismissing my intuition, and that I need to slow down and take that time.

FEAR – My intuition will often tell me something, but then I have the fear of not being good enough, or fear of not being liked in a subtle way. For example, I’ll get an intuitive hit to paint something, but I don’t do it because I don’t think other people will like it, or I’m afraid I’ll fail at it. These are both signs that I’m dismissing my intuition.

So… Identify what keeps you from listening to your intuition. Look to your past and notice in the present. Then you can be more aware of both your intuitive voice and how your logical voice overrides it. This is powerful information.

4. Re-learn and Re-veiw the psychic exercises and practices that you know, and maybe even learn some new ones. Look online if you need ideas, and there are also a bunch of ideas in the Planner for a Magical 2024 (April spellwork!)

​I’ll share my secret sauce intuitive-strategic thinking process with you soon.


Okay! I hope that’s helpful! If you’ve wanted to work with your intuition, I really hope you put some of these into practice. They may seem simple “on paper” but they are powerful bits of magic… some of the most powerful things that I know 🙂 

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