Coloring Book of Shadows: Witch Life

The Coloring Book of Shadows Shop

I’ve had so many requests to buy “direct” from me so I started my own witchy little bookshop a couple of months ago.

And I’ve updated the shop to have ALL THE BOOKS, including:

  • Spiral-bound versions
  • Printable PDF’s (instant download!) 
  • Paperbacks and hardcovers of the entire catalog
  • The Book of Secrets (the full collection of exclusive email-only pages sent from 2016-2021)

    Check it out here.​

What’s awesome about the shop?! Lemme tell ya:​​EVERYTHING IS TOGETHER IN ONE PLACE.
​All formats (spiral-bound, PDF, paperback, and hardcover) are listed together. 

Previously, versions were spread out over different websites, and I got a lot of questions and confusion about where to buy which version. ​

You can still buy my books on any of these retailers where I’ve sold books in the past, like Amazon and Etsy — none of that has changed.​But THE SHOP now has all of ’em — and I hope this makes it easier to find what you’re looking for.

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