Planner for a Magical 2024: Official Announcement!

(covers not finalized!)

Planner for a Magical 2024

In both Black & White (Coloring Book!) and Full Color Versions
Available September 26, 2023

Hi there — just a super quick note today to make the OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT of the Planner for a Magical 2024.


It’ll be available September 26, 2023 in both black-and-white and full color. 
– Paperback
– Hardcover
– Spiral-Bound
– Printable PDF (yep, in color also this year!)

And the theme?! 

I hinted in my Facebook group that it’s “extra witchy” this year — and I think some people thought I was being silly because most of my books are fairly to extremely witchy… but… I’m being serious because this year’s theme is….

This book will take you on an enchanting journey where you’ll strengthen and connect to your innate witch powers like elementals, manifesting, psychic powers, banishing, and claiming your magic. You’ll be guided and inspired to take your craft to the next level — whether you’re new or more experienced — this book will have something to help your powers grow.

All of the art and spells are “classic” witch themes — so you’ll find more cats, brooms, pointy hats, and cauldrons — and no narwhals or polar bears or things that aren’t “classic” symbols of the craft.

And lemme tell you — ok fine I say this every year — but lemme tell you — it is my FAVORITE PLANNER YET. I really worked to take my skills up another level, so I think you’ll find the art, spells, and overall mood of the book to be inspiring, empowering, and deliciously witchy as heck.

Or so I hope! 

Here’s one quick preview page — the “big opener” to get you in the mood for your magical year.

Hope you like it!!! More previews and info coming soon.

– Amy

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  1. Hello I am the distribution manager at Hearth Wisdom Store. We are a metaphysical shop located in Pantego, Texas. I absolutely love your planners and wanted to know if you offer wholesale for businesses for the purpose of resale. We would love to carry your planner and other books in our store if so.

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      thanks so much, Juniper! Right now I am offering wholesale through Ingram IPage, a large distributor. I may have other options in the future but that’s it for now. thanks for your interest!

  2. Thank you! I love your theme for 2024. Brava, Amy. Can’t wait! This looks gorgeous. I will be buying the color and black and white versions.

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  3. I’ll loved to have for 2024 a version to south hemisphere too… Anyway, looks awesome like always, and better every year!

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  4. I’m very late in purchasing the 2023 planner but I’m transferring over all my information from a prior planner I was using. I love the 2023 planner and cannot wait to have the 2024. I did want to ask if you have thought about doing a Monthly version and still incorporate the beautiful illustrations with all the information as well. Don’t get me wrong I love the Monthly/Weekly but sometimes I feel like I don’t use the weekly pages and then they stay blank. Love your work and your team for creating the beautiful color version as well. Thank you 💖

  5. I just love your coloring book planners I have purchased one each year from the 1st one you published as well as all your other coloring books. At age 68 and a lifetime practicing Witch I cannot tell you how much I enjoy your planners. Looking forward to the 2024 edition.

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