Make these Yule Decorations with things you already have!

Witch Jars for Yule Decoration

Make these Yule decorations with things you already have! I made these gorgeous Yule Witch Jars entirely out of things that were already in my house. Ha! And I bet if you’ve read this far, your witch’s pantry is probably also stocked with at least a few extra jars, some dried herbs, crystals, and other cute things that you could …

Yule Decorations Papercraft Banner

Yule Papercraft For A Magical Solstice!

Check out my Yule Decorations! Just wanted to show you some of the magical things I’ve been making from my latest book… Yule Papercraft for a Magical Solstice. If you want to color and make your own, you can get the patterns and templates here, in both paperback and printable PDF.