Cast your magic with these three spells

Three Small Spells

hi! I wanted to share these three spells that I wrote in case you need a little extra magic in your life.
Feel free to pin, share, and cast as you like.


 A Money Spell and witchcraft charm

A Spell to Increase Wealth

On the full moon, assemble a witch jar or charm bag with an odd number of wealth correspondences like pyrite, quartz, coins, silver rings, nutmeg, cinnamon, or basil. Light a green, gold, or white candle and repeat thrice:

By the green of the Earth, Air, Water, and Fire.
May the moon’s light attract The wealth I desire.

Leave your charm open in the moonlight, and close it in the morning. Recharge on the next full moon, or release, give thanks, and disassemble as your wealth increases.

A manifestation spell and witch jar

A Spell to Feel Empowered

Circle thrice, clockwise, imagining a globe of white light. Sit inside this circle and light a small purple or white candle. Take a moment to Feel the energy of the candle empowering your true self to shine, Then, chant three times:

With the power of this candle light,
May the heart of my soul burn bright.
With the spirit inside of me.
I am a witch, so shall it be.

When the energy has peaked, rub your hands together. Then place your hands over your heart, eyes, or throat and feel the energy grounding to the earth. Close the circle counter-clockwise. Let your candle burn out safely.

A manifestation spell and witchcraft charm

A Spell to Make Wishes Come True

During a waxing or full moon, create a representation of what you wish and place it inside a small box. Use clay, draw a picture, or write down what you desire with words or sigils. Then Repeat this incantation thrice:

May the light of magic shine On this witch’s box of mine
As my wishes come to me, An it harm none, So it shall be,

Leave your box open in the moonlight, and close it up in the morning. Recharge at the next full moon, or release, give thanks, and disassemble as You manifest your wish.


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