A look inside one witch's personal witchcraft practice

A Look Inside My Personal Witchcraft Practice

A look inside one witch's personal witchcraft practice

Hi! I’ve been inspired to share a bit about my own witchcraft practice in case it’s helpful to get a glimpse of how another witch works.

The Rules of No Rules:

First, spirituality and the definition of your witch-self is super personal, and I believe each witch should practice exactly as they feel. And that there’s no right or wrong way of witchcraft. What’s right is to look deeply into your own practice, self, and spirit, and find what works and feels right to you. That’s where your power is. If you are so inspired—or not—by any part of this or another witch’s practice, so be it!

You Gotta Believe…

Also, I’m not traditional at all (if you haven’t noticed… yet!) and most of my work isn’t done with a traditional deity, but with a sense of higher power, my highest self, the source of intuition, creation, and universal energy. Sure, I’ve worked in groups that use deities and goddess energy, I adore the folklore and mysticism behind it, and I’ve dabbled in it for the sake of experience. I’ll chant to the goddess. But that’s not how I practice on my own. Instead, I work in a way that feels extremely natural and empowering to me on a deep level.

Some may consider this a “new-age,” to work with a sense of higher self rather than Lord and Lady, or one more goddess and/or gods. Fine with me. What matters is that I believe and connect to whatever that is in my practice, and you in yours. In order for witchcraft and magic to work… you really gotta believe in the source of power you are calling upon.

And with that said, here’s what I do.

My Daily Witchcraft Practice

To me, witchcraft is about the power and sight to live a life true to myself, my inner light and intuition.

I like to do a few things on a daily basis to connect to that, and really get clear and focused. I’ll admit, I’m a super-emotional and highly sensitive being. You might call it clairsentience or empathic.  So I like to get my vibe going in the “right” direction—to feel good and centered and “me”—every single day.


Minimum of 10 minutes, silent, outdoors if possible. I live in the forest so that’s frequently possible. If I’m not outside, I prefer indoor darkness.

I’m pretty sure meditation is the key to my intuition and seeing a clear path forward. It also helps me stay in-tune and clear about my connection to my true self, soul, and creativity. If you haven’t heard of the book The Inner Temple by Christopher Penczak—check it out if you are curious about exploring your intuition on a pretty in-depth and super witchy level.

Anyway, I’m not quite sure how my mind or meditation works, and I don’t need science or “proof” other than the way I feel when I do it (and don’t do it). I find it to be incredible, a true mystery and a super witchy, wonderful thing to do.
It’s the power of your mind unhinged. Not to be missed!


The kind of journaling I do is 5-10 minutes, daily, and rarely, if ever, read it back. Even if I wanted to read it, I might not be able to, because I don’t worry about legibility or even if the right letters come out. I just write. I try to get down and out of all the “icky” feelings or dwelling thoughts. Because everyone has them, and I believe the way through them is to be real honest with myself about where I’m scared, stuck, confused, or hung-up. Then, I either write that I want to and will let it go, or I’ll write my self out of it to a better feeling thought.

Again, I’m not sure exactly how this process works—some ancient form of witchcraft—but it does work for me, and it helps me see what’s exciting me, what’s holding me back, what to go forward with, and what to let go.

Yoga for two reasons I cannot explain

I do some form of yoga or moderate exercise 4 or 5 days a week. Beyond it helping to stretch out stiffness, I’ve found I must do some yoga or another movement, most days of the week to create energy. Without it, my energy and power to do literally anything decreases significantly. You may be different, and that’s cool, too.

And the spiritual benefits of yoga—another thing I cannot explain. What I can say is that yoga is was what got me deeply into spirituality and to finding my intuition or true guiding sense of self. It’s true what they say about Yoga. It changes you, and it’s worth a try (and another try!) if you’re not into it yet.

Unceremonious and prolific sage burning!

I do this almost every day, especially if I am sitting down to work, write, draw, or create. At the very least, it helps me “set the mood” but I feel like the scent of it takes me to a more primal, connected place where I can let loose without judgment and self-censorship. So I burn a few leaves of white sage—somewhat unceremoniously— but with powerful intent.

Tarot Reading

Not quite every day, but enough to put it in the “everyday” section… I usually pull three or five cards, sometimes with the feeling of a certain question or theme, but often I just ask for something “to guide me forward” and see what I get. When the messages are especially significant or insightful, I will write detailed notes about my thoughts and what transpired or inspired me through the cards.

Monthly Moon Workings

A Spell a Month. Or Less!

I probably work a spell a month—sometimes less—on the full or new moon. Sometimes in the middle of the cycle if necessary or if the spirit moves me. If there’s a sabbat I may not do a spell in the moon cycle. It depends!

The Book of Spells has a lot of my personal favorite spells, including house clearing and smudging, which I do at least monthly if not weekly as I clean the house on a less formal basis. And… most of my spells at home are super simple. I speak from my heart and let things flow. I leave room for the magic and mystery and messages to unfold. Lots of them have to do with my art, books, and creative projects.

Much of the spellwork (and some of my favorite and most powerful moments) have been totally off the cuff. I may plan for a certain moon phase, but if the moon is right and inspiration strikes, I will come up with something and just get it done. I try to write down all of my spell workings, but sometimes, I don’t until the memory and message really crystallizes and comes to me later.

And also about once a month in the new or waxing phase, I do a Kundalini Yoga practice called “the Kriya to experience the original you,” which you can find on YouTube. It helps me rev-up my creativity and get in touch deeper with my true self. Witchy, indeed.

Also, I work kind of in-flow with the moon cycles, you can read more about that in a blog post here.

The Eight Sabbat Rituals/Wheel of the Year

I practice alone other than the 4 times a year where I meet with a group—which is perfect for me. I’m pretty much a solitary by nature and that’s how I started, however the experience with a group has been fabulous and enriching, so I’m grateful I stretched myself to that when the opportunity arose.

Yet even if I’m meeting with the group, I tend to do my own ritual the day-of the sabbat/equinox/solstice. Call me nerdy… but I want to make sure I get the most of my witchy day and seasonal energy, so I take the time to prepare, get into the headspace, connect and do something to make those days meaningful for my own growth and practice.

The stuff I put in my books is really the kind of stuff that I do, simple, earthy, meditation-based things that feel natural and empowering. So if you want specific examples and spells, look no further than the Book of Spells in the Planner for a Magical 2018.

These eight points of the year are typically where I stop to write in my own book of shadows and update any personal magic, workings, and things I’ve learned. Of course, if it’s something urgent that must be written down right away, or an especially poignant moment, tarot card draw, or spell, I’ll take note. But other than that, the spokes on the wheel of the Year is where I stop to reflect and record a bit more on my magical practice and experience.

Yearly Cycle Practice

The most significant “yearly” bit of magic that I do other than the Sabbats and “Wheel of the Year,” is gardening from about May to September.

Witnessing the earth’s cycles and energy through the process of gardening and tending to plants and seeds is one of the most powerful forms of magic I’ve come across. It’s less of a spell than a magical “flow,” although a spell or two (or three?) will probably happen in the pumpkin patch over the summer. In general, I make sure to garden in a frame of mind that moves me forward by visualizing, intending, and feeling what I want to bring about. And it’s been stunning to see what manifests in life alongside mindful and intentional gardening.

Then in the darker months Fall and Winter when I’m not gardening, I do more reading, studying, and learning.

Ok! Hope that inspires or provokes thought into what makes you feel wonderfully witchy and connected.


A look inside one witch's personal witchcraft practice



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  1. Hello Amy,
    This is perhaps a very personal question, but do you at all use your female cycle in your witchcraft? And if yes, how?

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      hi Tatiana! Good question–a bit, but it’s more practical than super witchy–I find that I’m super intuitive and in touch with my feelings before/during my period, so I definitely do more introspection, journaling, Moon poses for yoga and more gentle things to keep the energy going, and intention in managing the emotional side of things! xo

  2. Thank you so very much for sharing!
    You’re AMAZING and I’m PROUD to call you my friend!!! XOXOXO

  3. I’m a fairly new solitary witch. I want to thank you for your instruction and suggestions. They have been most helpful. Many blessings to you.

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