WITCH’S ALCHEMY: 2021 Planner Re-Release


Are you not a “planner person?!” Did you love the art and spells in the Planner for a Magical 2021 but not the “pesky dates and calendars?!” Want to enjoy this magical book any time or any year without the PRESSURE OF THE TICKING CLOCK?! ?

While the “Magical Year” Planner series continues to be my best-seller (they are a fun way to add magic and mystery to your everyday life!) — I know there are lots of people who just aren’t “planner people” or don’t need or want the calendars. Is that you? ?

AND SO! For the third year – I’m excited to announce the RE-RELEASE….. The Planner for a Magical 2021 has transformed into…. Witch’s Alchemy.

Witch’s Alchemy: Grimoire & Book of Spells

You can find a full preview and eventual links to buy here.


And… there’s a SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE version this time! (for Australia, New Zealand, Southern South America, etc.)
You can find a full preview and links to buy the SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE VERSION here.

Want to transform yourself with magic and alchemy?!

Spiritual alchemy is a quest to find the “gold” or Philosopher’s Stone within yourself—to live a life that’s authentic and connected to your own unique magic.  And the secret of alchemy is that the gold is already within you.

A different kind of spell book, Witch’s Alchemy is a coloring book that shows you how to unearth your magic through simple rituals, spells, and journal prompts. You’ll find your inner power and learn to use the elements of natural magic to become the best witch you can be.

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