*Southern Hemisphere Version*

This book was originally published as the Southern Hemisphere Planner for a Magical 2021.

Spiritual alchemy is a quest to find the “gold” or Philosopher’s Stone within yourself—to live a life that’s authentic and connected to your own unique magic.  And the secret of alchemy is that the gold is already within you.

A different kind of spell book, Witch’s Alchemy is a coloring book that shows you how to unearth your magic through simple rituals, spells, and journal prompts. You’ll find your inner power and learn to use the elements of natural magic to become the best witch you can be.

• How to use spiritual alchemy to transform your life
• Journal questions to help you see the magic within
• Seasonal spells and rituals to work with the alchemical phases, witch’s sabbats, and moon phases
• A concise beginner’s guide to witchcraft, spellcasting, and ritual magic

Take the first step in the alchemical journey and find out where it leads.

See What's Inside...

An illustrated introduction to Hermetic and Spiritual Alchemy

Southern Hemisphere Seasons & Magic (for Australia, New Zealand, etc.)

Spells and rituals for each month and alchemical phase

Witchcraft correspondences, spell ideas, and journal prompts

... And lots more!

AVAILABLE JUNE 10, 2021 Coloring Book of Shadows: Southern Hemisphere Witch's Alchemy

Amy Cesari

About the Author...

hi I’m Amy, forest dwelling Author, Illustrator, and high-powered Magical Business Consultant. I’m also an avid crocheter, gardener, and have a ridiculously goofy sense of humor.

Not only do I own every Nintendo game console ever made, I’ve got several fancy diplomas -- including a Master’s in Business, a Bachelor's in Industrial Art, and Advanced Studies in Various Magical Practices.

Contact me at amy@coloringbookofshadows.com

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