Introducing: The Colored Pencil School of Witchcraft

The Colored Pencil School of Witchcraft


You’ve probably already realized that coloring can be magical—but the deeper call to art that you may be feeling is often about expression of self and spirit in a full range of light, shadow, and color.


Then there’s that thing called fear—have you felt it? That creeping voice that tries to stop you from doing something even slightly new—like coloring a background or coloring a crystal—maybe trying a new shading technique or even using different colors than what you’re used to.

A few weeks back, I sent an email with an invitation to enroll in a free course about using colored pencils and magic—and I teased the question of why it can feel so scary or overwhelming to do art—even if you have a strong desire to be more creative. (If you haven’t taken the free course, you can still enroll here!)

It’s “just” paper and pencils, so why does it sometimes make us feel that way? Well, the answer is that the instinctual part of your brain throws these really strong fears at you so you’ll stick to what you’re already familiar with.


Whether you’re feeling “not good enough” every time you pick up the pencils, or you compare your art to others, or if you scroll on Instagram and feel bad when you see other people’s beautiful expressions of art… It hurts!

But these are most often signs that you’re realizing that you need to do something to express yourself creatively. Your creative spirit is calling.


So what’s the answer? To use the practice of art as expression of spirit—not as competition, and not as yet another way for you judge yourself. If you focus on that vital practice and process of expression, the fear falls away and your art becomes a means to unlock your magic.

Yep, that means if your coloring “looks like a kid did it”—you’re on the right track. Everyone knows that kids are the best colorers, because they use it as an expression—it’s pure, it’s wonderful, and the outcome is delightful to see. You are already good enough and you have what it takes to create beautiful art.

That said, most people who follow their creative passions soon realize that they want to learn more skills—not because they aren’t good enough—but because they feel called to deepen their expression (and also because… it’s fun!).

And so… I made a class!



In this one-of-a kind “adult coloring” class, I’ll take you through a powerful grounding spell to clear your mind of chatter, as well as a full-on magical circle casting ritual.

Then we’ll do all sorts of coloring exercises to learn about shading, shadows, light, color, and texture.

Not to mention… it includes an “exclusive” set of printable PDF’s to color… like creativity spell pages and all sorts of magical “practice” sheets that go along with the coloring and shading exercises.

I created this class to share ideas and techniques for coloring, and to (hopefully!) help you on your journey to unlock the magic of your art.

So… wanna join me?! 

It launches February 21, 2020, but you can sign up and take the class anytime. 

And watch your email (make sure to join the list below if you haven’t yet! I’ll be sending out a super-deal discount when it comes out.

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