Southern Hemisphere Planner for a Magical 2020

Aww yeah! The Southern Hemisphere version of the Planner for a Magical 2020 is available now!

If you’re in the Southern Hemisphere of planet Earth, (below the equator, in places such as Australia, New Zealand, and southern South America) you likely already know that the seasons are the “opposite” of the seasons in the Northern Hemisphere.

So when it’s summer in the USA, it’s winter in Australia. Yes!

To make this special version of the planner for Southern Hemisphere witches… I swapped a few things around, and also hired a super-special Australian Witch as Editor of Southern Hemisphere Magic… the one, the only, the epically magical… Fiona Horne!! (yaas!!!)

Fiona is one of my favorite witches and witchcraft book authors of all times, and so it’s an amazing honor to work with her as an editor! She’s brilliant and real, and the local twists and energy she shared as well as a deep and inspiring connection to the earth is nothing short of awe-inspiring. Thank you, Fiona! (and visit!)

So here’s what’s different about this Southern Hemisphere Planner: The seasons and sabbats have shifted “180.” All of the spinning and circle casting is going “sun wise” according to the south–counterclockwise for invoking, clockwise for banishing. North and South Elements have been swapped! North = Fire, South = Earth. “Local” flora and fauna have been added and substituted. The astrological info and time zones have been converted to AET, “Australian Eastern.”

Cool! So if you’re a witch in Australia, New Zealand, or elsewhere in the Southern Hemisphere… this magical seasonal planner is for you! <3

Links and more photos are here.

Hope you like it!

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