Win an Autographed 2020 Planner!

– Hope Greenwild! (Blog post/Hardcover winner!)
– @divineconstruct! (Insta/Spiral-bound winner!)

THANK YOU to everyone who entered!! There were way more entries than I was expecting, and the COLOR IDEAS were totally amazing!! well done!

(original post:)
To celebrate the launch of the Planner for a Magical 2020 — I’m giving away TWO autographed copies — a hardcover right here on this blog post, and a spiral-bound over on Instagram. And not only will the winner’s book be autographed, but I’m also going to color the page above! ha!

NOTE: this contest is only running for a few days — it ends OCTOBER 16th, 2019 at 11:59 PM EST. So get in on it now!


STEP 1: LEAVE A COMMENT AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE ON THIS BLOG POST – – AND MAKE SURE TO ADD YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS! tell me what colors, mood, or inspiration you’d like me to use if you win! If you want me to surprise you — just comment, “surprise me!”

(the rafflecopter wasn’t working — so just make sure to comment and PUT YOUR EMAIL incase you win!!!)

I’ll pick the winner at random and will announce the winner by 10/18/2019 here on this blog post and via email (see full details and LEGALITIES below!)

Okay! Good luck!!

Really Important Legal Stuff:

  • Sponsored by Amy Cesari,, PO Box 349 Boulder Creek, CA 95006
  • Prize: 1 (one) Autographed Hardcover copy of Coloring Book of Shadows: Planner for a Magical 2020, retail value $29.95
  • Must be an adult (over 18 years of age) on planet earth to enter
  • This contest is regulated in the legal jurisdiction of California
  • Contest begins 10/13/2019, ends 10/16/2019, and winners will be announced via email ( newsletter), in an update on this blog post, and on Instagram @coloringbookofshadows on 10/18/2019.
  • Enter by commenting and leaving your email in the comment box below.
  • Winners will be selected at random, and will be posted here on this blog post in an update on 10/18/2019.
  • Prize will be sent via mail. Unclaimed prizes will be forfeited
  • Amy Cesari, declares the right to obtain the names of winners, as well as the right to publicize your name should you win (it’s okay if you use an alias or last initial!)
  • Duplicate entries will be deleted.
  • Amy Cesari, is NOT responsible in the event that the giveaway or prize negatively affects the winner, and is not liable or responsible for anything else other than sending out the books to the winner.
  • Odds of winning are 1 in 1,000,000,000
  • Winner will be notified by EMAIL — so make sure to put that in!

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Comments 678

    1. I just love your coloring pages–and the coloring tips, too! I use these pages as inserts in my spiral-bound notebook of affirmations, spells, and such. Winning a copy would definitely be a blessing for me. Either way, I am a fan of your style. As for colors I like, I love earth tones and chakra shades.

      Thanks for the opportunity!

    1. Omg omg omg fan girl moment!! I’d love it if I won, personally I love the colours of the sky and ocean. I have a strange addiction to teal and I’m a giant Disney princess so pink and sparkle is always a great addition! (husband reckons it’s glitter that runs through my veins not blood!) I’m already signed up to your news as I just find you an inspiration!! Truly I do. Thank you for sharing your passion with us, and please keep going! Xxx

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  1. I like the colors, sky blue and light pink with a little hit of bluish green. I like cotton candy typed colors. It makes it pastel looking which Is really cute.

    1. Hi there! This was a great idea! Personally, I love jewel tones – perhaps leaning towards cooler colors, though I would be excited to see what you come up with no matter what! 😀

    1. Oh this is just incredibly kind of you. I would love colors of joy and happiness blues, yellows earth tones. Oh the smiles on my heart 😍🔮
      Thank you for the chance to own such a treasure

      My email is
      I believe you asked it be put on our comment.

      1. Thank you for this fantastic opportunity!
        If I’ll win I would like you to color the page with colors according to your personality!
        I like very much your newsletters!

  2. Maybe a bunch of different blues For the fire and some green on the plants and purple for the other items like the stone and cauldron?

  3. Surprise me!

    I would love to win one! I have had to hide this side of me for so long, I am trying to bring my witchiness back into my everyday life! I have 3 of your other books already & this would be the perfect addition to help me get back on track!

  4. If I won, I’d love to see this colored as I envision it. It reminds me of a snowy moonlit night by the fire.. so I imagine the background being done in cool dark tones while the focal point is done in the warm colors of hearth and fire! It’s nice to see how everyone else envisions this as well.

  5. It would be gorgeous with blues and purples and maybe pinks. Glittery and sparkling, mystical creations.
    Thank you for a chance.

    1. I Would love a autographed copy to keep my thoughts in and to color in for inspiration… It would be great… Blessed be…

  6. I would paint it with the colors of autumn, all in golden, orange, yellow and brown with a little green and the crystal could be a smoky quartz, with a shady pastel background in those colors.

  7. Oops, it didn’t go through so here I am again with my favorite colors: earthy – browns, greens, golds, as well as blues and purples!

  8. Hi I’m a wiccan, I’m 22 years old and I can see people’s auras ever since I want remember, I also see things that other don’t and my aura is purple my spiritual animal is a wolf and I wish luck to everyone here 🖤💜

  9. I could really use some cheering up, what colors cheer me up ? Rainbows ! Love the idea & so much fun.
    Good luck everyone

  10. As I am totally impressed with your talent, please feel free to surprise me if I am chosen as the winner. I absolutely love all your work and own all your books. Thank you for the opportunity to win a copy of this planner.

  11. I would paint a shady background with the colors of autumn, the cauldron, bell and plants in golden shades and also the whole palette would be orange, yellow, brown and the crystal would be a smoky quartz. So charming and magic.

  12. Dear Amy,
    I would love a Lemuria page, colored in red and green shades ❤🌍💚
    Thanks a lot!
    Love and blessings Martina

  13. Since the imagery in the diagram contains all four of the elements I would like all the elemental colors incorporated thankyou.With the exception of the crystal point[which I’d like to be an Amethyst]I trust your better judgement as to what goes where.Thankyou in advance….

  14. I love a good surprise and everything I have ever seen that you’ve colored is gorgeous, so surprise me please!

    I just want to say that I am so thankful for your coloring pages; I have been dealing with some medical stuff and your pages bring some magick and joy to my life at a time where things just don’t feel very thank you from the bottom of my heart. Many blessings to you and yours and thank you for this opportunity. 🌛🌕🌜

  15. I am so excited every time I get an email from you with your beautiful customizable journaling pieces. I pretty much have all of your downloads. If I were to win I’d love it for you to surprise me with your creativity.

  16. I would love to see greens and teals and magentas? I love your 2019 Magical Planner so much!! I am a Natural Witch but, I haven’t practice for almost 40 years! I am 62 and all of your color books have helped me start over and they all make me so happy! Amy, I can’t thank you enough for bringing me back to my Natural Self with all of your beautiful illustrations and guidance.

    Love Julie

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  17. I would use the colors of night and magic – so dark blues, purples, black, gray, silver and maybe some dark greens.

    Your artwork is so stunning and I love my 2019 planner!

  18. I recently discovered your coloring pages and your books. They are so wonderful! I just purchased your Book of Shadows Vol I and I am so eager to start coloring. I am grateful to you for giving instructions on basic color theory. I am putting together my own BOS and the coloring pages help immensely! If I win, I would like to see a color palette which includes forest greens, yellow greens and blue greens. Thank you for the opportunity to enter the contest.

  19. My favorite color is red and I love the hue Black! I absolutely love your work and would be happy with anything! So, you are more than welcome to surprise me!

  20. Thank you for creating this beautiful planner! If I win, I’d like you to color my page in purples and pinks. Happy Full Moon! 🌕

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  21. 2019 was the first year I used your planner and I found it perfect for my needs, and the process of colouring in more calming and centring than I thought it would be. With high levels of anxiety and much lack of sleep caring for my disabled child, I found that colouring the weekly pages alongside my little one with her colouring pages, helped me set positive intentions for the week ahead (I’d colour the pages on a Sunday). As a result I developed a much healthier relationship with the spirit of time in the year. Not every image resonated, but I found working even with the ones that didn’t really helpful, and I put haiku poetry on the turning of seasons on the note pages for each month. I never thought something like this would help me both in my spiritual and practical life, but it did. Money’s tight again, so I thought I’d enter your competition. If selected, I’d prefer whichever copy is the most durable, but I wouldn’t want to box an artist in too much, but colours you felt resonated with the elements would be fine.

  22. In this period I like a combination of purple, black and green, with goth atmospheres (I love bats!). Thanks for this opportunity!

  23. My birthday is just after the yearly planner release so it would be super to win one! As I’ve aged, autumn colors make me hsppy! No coicidence!

  24. Surprise Me Please!!!
    I would love to win. I can never afford to buy one of your books but I’ve been waiting patiently!

  25. Blessed Be Goddess sister!
    Your artwork has saved my sanity numerous times.!! In making the time to color, I make time for myself.

    I now have 2 sanctuaries..
    A blissful therapeutic bath, and coloring in your books!

    Thank you sooo very much!!

    1. An amazing prize! In South Africa we dont have easy access to amazing tools like this!!! My colours are turquoise, pinks and blues. Thank you for this opportunity!

  26. Since October is breast cancer awareness month and my mom’s in remission, can you please make one in honor of the survivors? If not, you can surprise me. 🥰

  27. I would love if it looked nature-inspired since my favorite color is green and I’ve been doing indoor gardening at home. Thanks so much for making this giveaway!

  28. Love your books already started working on my planner as I bought the pdf. My borrowed daughter is just starting down the path. Would love to win this it would a great gift to pass to her at yule!!!!! Fingers crossed

  29. Love your books! Can’t wait to buy the rest of them! Thank you for this generous opportunity! Blues and Purples are my favourites to work with in my magic. ☺️

  30. Oh I would love to win a signed copy of your planner :)!!! I have several of your coloring creations and adore them :)!!! Can’t wait to get my hands on this one too :)!!! Surprise me 🙂 I would love anything you did but as a shaman green hearth witch I love red and earthy colors, but whatever inspires you, if I win :)!!! ❤️

  31. I can’t wait to get my copy!

    Your YouTube channel is my absolute favorite! Watching you work is so meditative (and helpful.) Surprise me!!

  32. My color palette is anything earthy. Being a Virgo under the earth sign I feel a close connect to earth and all things in nature. Greens, blues, browns are my absolute favorite! Thank you for this opportunity

  33. I would say let it be a surprise of what colors you use. I totally love these and definitely am showing to my other fellow wiccans tonight.

  34. All the colors ❤️❤️❤️
    depending on the theme, time of year and how you feel about that specific thing you are coloring … sorry I cannot pick only one color ☺️☺️☺️

    Bright blessings sister

  35. If I won this fantastic prize, I would love it if you could incorporate the colour of your favourite crystal, if you have one and Autumn colours, my favourite season.
    Good luck to all and many blessings to the lucky winner.

  36. I’m a Pisces ♓️ and absolutely love the cooler tones!
    Blues, greens and purples just sing to me! 💙💚💜
    I love your books so dearly, Thank you for this opportunity 🙏🏻🔮

  37. Thank you so much for the work you do! I love your coloring pages. They tend to calm me and inspire me. Simply thank you again. Love and light Always!! Blessed Be!!

    If I win, please surprise me. I love all your work!!!

  38. I’d love one in the 7 colours of the chakras, I find their colours beautiful and I also meditate to help with clearing my mind.

  39. I love rich oranges and deep blues like at sunset. Nerf orange and blue is lovely as well. Vermillion and turquoise are choice.

  40. Dear Ami, I would love it if you used soothing colours, mossy greens are my favourite, I can never have enough greens on hand, also I love mosses. I also love red hues like mapleleaf-red and berry tones. honestly, I need a planner for the new year and a little pick-me-up, but if someone needs it more, I am happy if they win 😉

  41. Love your work! Thank you for your inspiration and dedication!
    If I win the 2020 planner, please surprise me with colors of your choice on the colored page. Great contest idea! Smart friends are the best.

  42. Your creativity is amazing and many a wet and drecht day has been spent creating my own masterpieces from your creations .
    Would love to win a signed book it would cheer up my winter in Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 uk .

  43. I love these Magickal coloring book of shadows and planners!! Your work is wonderful! If I win you can surprise me with the colors you choose. You’re an inspiration all by yourself!

  44. I would love this in northern lights themed but in pastel colours and tones instead 😍 a mood of exciting new adventures

  45. Whatever colours inspire you! Surprise me!
    I love to colour things in strange, magical colours in my Colouring Book of Shadows <3

  46. I love your books!!! My husband bought me a couple for my birthday last year. Can’t wait for this one!!! I love the rainbow 🌈

  47. As always, I’m your greatest fan and follower. This old crone has had a new breath of life breathed into my practice through your work

    I love earth tones and winter…when the earth mother rests for the coming of the spring


  48. I’d love to be surprised with whatever color palette you choose. At my age surprises are rare and much appreciated. That being said I think that a lot of people would love to see an autumn colored leaves, because a lot of people struggle with a coloring autumn colored leaves.. a tutorial would be wonderful *hint, hint* as seen in many comments for autumn leaves and there are a lot of leaves in this photo. Another tutorial that could be done that most people struggle with would be snow! Winters landscapes are beautiful and they’re difficult to do! For those who are reading comments you’ve been mentioning jewel tones, if you own prisma color pencils, I’ll happily share that the following colors are great for a jewel colored palette; 50 % cool gray, layered lime peel over yellow ochre, and lime peel lightly colored lightly colored means feathered pressure lime peel in around two to three layers, blue violet lake, imperial violet, and 90 % cool gray. You should try to do these in a circle so you can see how it is jewel toned and then apply that to your coloring page. Another jewel palette would be deco pink, and then magenta over the deco pink leaving a bit of deco pink alone this turns the magenta in a jeweled pink. And also mixing process red with muted turquoise creates a jewel purple tone. And if you want to create a rich dark jewel colored purple mix process red with cobalt turquoise. Process red as rule mixed with blue tones creates a rich purple don’t be afraid to experiment. Best of luck!

    1. Post
  49. Purrrrpppllle!!!

    I bought the spiral copy but was really regretting not buying the hardcover as well!! I love sharing the pages with my kids.

  50. Hi Amy! I love all your work. This year’s been a tough one for me. I wouldn’t have made it without a little magic in my pocket and your wonderful planner as a guide! I love the simplicity and power of a black cauldron. Perhaps with a little rusty residue left by some powerful potion. And of course, Rose Quartz for comfort. Thanks for this contest!! You are the best!!!

  51. I would love to have one of your planners. It’s been rough since I had to have surgery which has put me behind on bills so there is no money to buy one this year so winning one would be lovely.

  52. Thank you very much! It would be a special gift to receive this beautiful book signed by you! As for colors, maybe some purple somewhere, but other than that, I would LOVE to see what you would do and the colors you would use for me! Thank again!

    1. Post
  53. If I don’t win, I am thinking about buying the book anyway. I would love for you to use colors inspired by your favorite gemstones or crystals. If you don’t have a favorite, do whatever inspires you. 🙂

  54. Flowers and Rose’s are my favorite so if I win can I have flowers and Rose’s and any other plants you would like to add Into the mix

  55. OMG!! I WOULD SO LOVE TO WIN THIS!! Coloring helps me calm down when I get one of my anxiety attacks. When I could work I used to bring my coloring with me so I could destress on my lunch break. Now that I can no longer work, due to medical issues, I color for the love of it and to help me keep from having a panic attack. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to purchase one of your planners, but I do not have an income anymore and am trying to get on Disability. Im scared of what is going to happen if I dont get on it. My folks cant keep supporting me when they are on Social Security now themselves. Sorry for rambling, Im just excited and nervous now, I think I will go color. THANK YOU SOO MUCH FOR THE OPPORTUNITY TO WIN SUCH AN AMAZING GIFT! My email is: and I would love for you to color the page in a very very magickal way with royal tones and sparkly . Im sure you would make is absolutely Gorgeous!! Thank you again and Blessed be!💖💖🌝💖💖

    1. Post
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  56. I adore your work! Thank you for your generosity! And Good luck everyone!
    If I were to win, I’d love for you to surprise me, but my favorite color is purple!

  57. SURPRISE ME! 🥰 but I love dark tones and the night is my time, with the stars and moon and nighttime creatures. 🖤 ✨🦇

  58. I’m a massive fan of pastels, just because they are more like a rainbow, but there is also the idea of the refraction of light energy. In terms of inspiration, pastel dreamcatchers, and lace ribbons…just a beautiful pastel boho vibe.

  59. I absolutely love your work!!@ I have purchased your moon magick colouring book ( printable version). Which I added pages to my own bos ;). Thank you again.

  60. Hi Amy,
    This is awesome. Your style is great, so surprising me is good! Its going to be a while before I could get this, so winning would be amazing!
    Wendy Branthoover

  61. What a gorgeous book. Win or not, I’m definitely going to be getting one. 😊❤️

    Blues, greens, dark nighttime magical colors and feelings. 🌌🔮

  62. Your ideas and drawings are so beautiful. I am new to BOS and everything that surrounds it and love learning about it! I am drawn to varying shades of purples.

  63. I am a devoted fan of your books – I have the Book of Shadows, Book of Spells, Witch Life, and Yule and all those wonderful freebies that you gift to us, like Moon Magic. I would dearly love to have the 2020 Planner but just experienced a serious financial setback, so I am hoping to win a copy. The colors are up to you – whatever makes you happy in the moment. Thank you for your amazing books and for sharing your remarkable talents.

  64. Deep magical purple sparkles and celery green! Beautiful work…. I always look forward to seeing emails from you in my inbox!

  65. Oh how I would love this book! I’m entering on the full moon so hopefully that would give me good luck! I’m all about oranges and reds and teals and purples!

  66. I would lobe more witches flying, or cats of any kind❤️ I love all your books, I’m working in collecting and coloring them all. This would be a great addition to the set

  67. Im a fan of the darker side. Black purple red but ultimately im a fan of your creativity and if you feel that wouldnt work, than surprise me! ☺

  68. 🤗 I think these are some of the most beautiful books in existence. I am from Wales, uk, so dragons would be fantastic 😁 As far as colours are concerned, every colour imaginable. Blessed be!

  69. think night sky with moon and stars…blue goldstone is my favorite inspiration so glitter would be ok😁😉😜

  70. Ok, so tonight is full moon, my birthday, and I’ve seen something about this give away like 3 different times now. The universe is telling me to enter so I’m gonna listen. Royal Purple, Deep Blood red, and a green emerald color are my favs along with anything shiny!

  71. Thank you Amy for creating such a beautiful, information filled planner … and … for all the talented and amazing things you ‘create/do’!
    For my planner colors … “Surprise Me” !
    … with warmest regards …
    Namasté ~~~ 🙏 Bonnie A

  72. Beautiful artwork! 😍😍😍
    Fangirling a bit because I love your books!!
    Autumn colors would be lovely, plums, mauve, burnt orange and goldenrod.

  73. Hi Amy,

    Blues, and blues and maybe more blues 😄 please 💙 with a bit of other colours that complement blues..

  74. Hi, i rarely win anything but here’s my trying 🙂
    I love your work! I’m a fairly new witch. I love learning new things, spells, and any facts and curiosities ^_^
    Surprise me, please

  75. Thank You so much for sharing all your magic 💜
    I love your work and my little witchling learns so much when she colors the free pages we get in email.
    It would be lovely to win a signed & colored copy, though we’re just happy sending you light, love, and blessings💙💜💙

  76. I would love cool calm colors and help with patience. . . i have gone through some bad health and family issues this year. A little bit of positive magic would be such a blessing!
    Thank you

  77. OMG, I would love to win a copy since I am going through financial difficulties at the moment and can’t afford one this time… I would love to see you color the page with different shades of Green and Purple (Those are my favorite colors)… Thank you for this opportunity to win a signed copy, I am ecstatic!!! I love your artwork…. <3

  78. Thank you SO MUCH for doing this!!! You have such an amazing talent. Anything with glitter!!!! I’m a girlie girl and love deep colors with glitter.

  79. Hi … I have a number of your books and have also bought them as presents for others who by the way absolutely love them !
    If I am lucky enough to be picked as one of the winners … then my favourite colours are red and green though love pink and gold and silver also .
    A quick thank you for the great books … would love a rune one . Thanks

  80. Oh wow! First, I am so in love with all your books 📚! I own several, they are my ” unwinding ” colouring books. As for the page of I was blessed enough to get win; It would be cool to see your take on a malacite crystal. And the flames a mystical purple. Thank you for this opportunity to win. Have a blessed day.

  81. I am more of an Earth-tone/Fall person. (My daughter says it’s because of my love of gardening. 🙂 ) But I would also take whatever you are inspired with or feel. I am loving your coloring books.

  82. Merry meet,

    I’m new to your blog and I love your artwork! I can’t wait to color the printouts you sent. I love anything that has to do with autumn, Samhain, fall colors of oranges, red, yellow, purple etc. Looking forward to future work of yours! Thank you so much!

    Blessed be,

    Surprise me!

  83. My favorite shade of green is a soft sage, so something in that vein would be extraordinary. I’ve been following you awhile; your work is beautiful and you are so inspirational. Thank you for all you do.

  84. I loved your new planner and got excited about the contest. Something with shades of lilac and blue would make me happy!

  85. “Surprise Me” I would love to win for one reason and that is to give it away……I received my copy of the spiral bound 2020 this past Saturday and I love it….

  86. This would make an awesome gift, I might have to get a couple regardless. If I win though, I love purple, gray, black, silver. Thank you so much!

  87. Oh, I love this and I would be honored to receive a signed planner! I’m a Hedge Witch and my favorite colors are purple, green and blue. I have so many craft projects, ideas, spells and recipes planned each year but I can’t seem to get them all written down or completed. A beautiful planner like this would be a wonderful tool for me so I can get organized. My own bell has a crescent moon at the top so this image really resonates with me. Thanks for the chance!

  88. Your so good at coloring so surprise me! Plus it will be better if you feel the freedom of doing it however your heart desires, rather than going by rules! 😅 Thanks for the opportunity! Appreciate you!

  89. Your artwork is incredible and your generosity in sharing your work and yourself with other unmatched. Colors are sunsets and sunrises, the green of the forest and the blue of the oceans, surprise me.

  90. Dark Blues & Purples – are preferred but a free journal would override any specifications.

    Thank you for your consideration, have a great week!

  91. I just received my spiral bound planner on Saturday… I would love another for a gift to my crafty sister… (or to leave at the office).
    Thank you for making all of your books – they are fun, informative and great for releasing some energy in coloring! Happy crafting!

  92. Hi, Amy! I would be thrilled to win. I was especially inspired by the beachy colors you used for your July 2019 spreads in the Coloring Coven group, but I honestly love all color schemes and themes in general. My email is lunarium[dot]arts[at]gmail[dot]com. I love all of your books and planners!

  93. Hello, hello! Winning a copy would be a dream. I would love colors than evoke an ocean during a storm (grays, greens, blues) or if you aren’t feeling that on the particular day SURPRISE ME! : )

  94. I love your books. I have bought all of them for my partner and would love to be able to give her an autographed copy.
    Go with your inspiration on the coloring.

  95. This would be for my mom for Christmas if I win. She is always showing me the emails you send her, so I am sure she would LOVE to have your autograph on a planner. As for colors, Surprise her! She works so hard. She is my inspiration and role model. Please use colors that inspire you. She already loves your creativity so anything would be great. Good luck to everyone!

    PS. My mom’s name is Brenda and her favorite color is Pink 😀

  96. So excited to perhaps win this hardciver copy of the 2020 planner! I love the colors turquoise and hot pink….. it would be so wonderful to see what you do with them!!

  97. Hello!

    If I win, I would like you to inspire me with purple and green colors. Those colors make me relax and happy

  98. Oh please !!! Chosse me! hahahha
    I love your coloring book of shadows
    So, i purchased one last year and will love to keep it on for next year….
    So I´m in this contest and Suprise Me!!!!!

  99. I love cool colors, blues and purples. Thank you so much for doing a contest- I love these planners and I’m excited for the new one!

  100. Wow, Amy! I like many others just think your coloring BOS pages are fabulous! I would like to leave the color scheme up to you.
    Have a Blessed one!

  101. Oh my so many comments already. I am a fan. Am actually coloring in your current planner now. I love your unicorn page for March 2019.
    As for colors is love to see the colors that inspire you used. As I have love and use for every color and hue.
    Thank you for what you do.

  102. I would like a bright colorful theme, something positive so when I open the agenda I’ll feel happy and looking forward to the day.

  103. I would love to win. Surprise me. I love all colors. Your work is so beautiful. This is just in time for my 21st wedding anniversary so this will be fun trying to win.

  104. I would love to win, having MS I need all the help i can get to stay focused and on task. (LOL). Purple is my favorite color/mystical theme to it would be awesome.( but you can surprise me) Love your books they are great and fun

  105. I love this idea because I love to color and this is my favorite thing in the universe and lastly my youngest daughter is just starting to practice and I feel like this is a great way to get her connected so everything she does is empowered with her personal energy. If I were the lucky winner I would like you to use all the colors of the rainbow which is also magical.

    Blessed Be