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Hi there and welcome to the new ColoringBookofShadows.com! It was a part of my other blog, WitchCrafty.biz, but now it’s got its own little home right here.

I’m looking forward to posting lots of magic, coloring tips, and ideas for crafting your own amazing Book of Shadows on the  blog.

Thanks for visiting!

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  1. Hi Amy. I’ve enjoyed looking though your website. I believe most of what you’re talking about, just don’t have the full understanding of the contents, like moon cycles, and brooms etc. My fav movie is the “Good Witch” it calms me to know there is good fun magic.
    I have been stuggling with my health and it’s burdening my heart, soul and spirit. With your books and spells is there something for me to bring back my health and vibrancy.
    Thank you

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