Witch's Herbal Primer: A Beginner's Guide to the Magic of Plants

NEW BOOK ALERT: Full Color 🌿🌈 Witch’s Herbal Primer

Hey it’s Amy and this is an official new book announcement!  

Watch the video here or keep reading and see some preview images below.
Available: End of June 2023

This new book is a full color version of the Coloring Book of Shadows Herbal — it has the same information, they’re like twins or sisters or identical cousins or something — but this new book is illustrated in full color, with slightly different art and layout.

So if you’ve been looking for more full-color versions of my books, or you’ve got friends that like the books but they don’t color — you can point them towards this new, full color version.

It’s Called Witch’s Herbal Primer: A Beginner’s Guide to Plant Magic — and it’ll get you started and inspired if you’re brand new to magic — however if you’re a more experienced witch, and you’re looking for inspiration to take your magic to the next level, I think you’ll find something in this book that’ll do just that. 

I really tried to tie in the deeper, historic uses of herbs in ritual as well as practical tips and advice in a more modern sense, so you can apply it and use it in your practice today.

So it’ll be released at the very end of June, 2023, I’ll share more soon so hang tight, and check out coloringbookofshadows.com where I’ll post eventual links to buy and more information.

PRICING in USD (subject to change but I’m pretty dang sure this is it:)

Paperback: $21.99 (Amazon)
Paperback: $24.99 (my shop)
Hardcover: $34.99 (Barnes & Noble, my shop, and Amazon)
Spiral-Bound: $34.99 (my shop)

Hope you like it!


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