Coloring Book of Shadows Planner for a Magical 2021

Win a copy of the Planner for a Magical 2021!

To celebrate the launch of the Planner for a Magical 2021 — I’m giving away 3 copies. They’ll be signed by me and I’m also going to color the page above in each of the winner’s books. ha!

NOTE: this contest is only running for a few days — it ends SEPTEMBER 29th, 2020 at 11:59 PM EST. So get in on it now.


It’s a random drawing and yes, you can enter from anywhere in the world and I’ll ship it to you for free if you win.

You can enter in three places if you like (but you can only win once):

1. Enter to win in the comments section of this blog post (below) — leave a comment and tell me what color aura or what feeling of spirit you want this phoenix to have if you win. You’ll enter your email address when you post (no one can see it but me) so I’ll contact you by email if you win.

2. Enter to win on Instagram — leave a comment and tell me what color aura or what feeling of spirit you want this phoenix to have if you win. I’ll contact you via instagram private message if you win.

3. Enter to win on Facebook — leave a comment and tell me what color aura or what feeling of spirit you want this phoenix to have if you win. I’ll contact you BY REPLYING ON FACEBOOK and then I’ll ask you to send me a message, so make sure to keep an eye on this one!

ENTER BY SEPTEMBER 29th, 2020 at 11:59 PM EST.

I’ll pick the winner at random and will announce the winners here on the blog by October 1, 2020 (10/1/2020). See full details and LEGALITIES below.

Okay! Good luck!!

Really Important Legal Stuff:

  • “NO PURCHASE NECESSARY” – Winners chosen at random.
  • Sponsored by Amy Cesari,, PO Box 349 Boulder Creek, CA 95006
  • Prize: 1 (one) Autographed copy of Coloring Book of Shadows: Planner for a Magical 2021, your choice of spiral-bound, hardcover, or paperback, retail value of $29.95.
  • 3 (three) prizes of 1 (one) book each will be awarded.
  • Must be an adult (over 18 years of age) on planet earth to enter
  • This contest is regulated in the legal jurisdiction of California
  • Contest begins 9/24/2020 (September 24th) and ends 9/29/2020, and winners will be announced in an update on this blog post, and on Instagram @coloringbookofshadows on 10/1/2019 (October 1st).
  • Enter by commenting and leaving your email in the comment box below.
  • Winners will be selected at random, and will be posted here on this blog post in an update on 10/1/2020.
  • Prize will be sent via US mail and may take a couple weeks to get to you. Unclaimed prizes will be forfeited.
  • Amy Cesari, declares the right to obtain the names of winners, as well as the right to publicize your name should you win (it’s okay if you use an alias or last initial!)
  • Duplicate entries will be deleted — but you may enter three times total (once each on the blog, on facebook, and on instagram)
  • Amy Cesari, is NOT responsible in the event that the giveaway or prize negatively affects the winner, and is not liable or responsible for anything else other than sending out the books to the winner.
  • Odds of winning are 1 in 1,000,000,000
  • Winner will be notified as outlined above, so please make sure to read that bit.

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Comments 1,040

    1. It may be clichéd but I think the colours rich reds, oranges and yellow would be fantastic, for me they represent power resilience strength and support (orange & lemon essential oils support and strengthen the immune system 😉). This is so what is needed right now.

    2. So. I was really diggin the warm colors yesterday…and I said so on FB and Insta…but woke up this morning feeling a blue scheme. Not sad blue! Just blue. So maybe this Phoenix could be gradient shades of blue?! 💙😘💙

    3. I think a bright yellow or an emerald green would best suit my aura. I also love the planners you make. So beautiful and super fun to color or water color.

    4. Hey Amy,Bright and Fruitful Blessings to you. I would go with various pinks. And perhaps shades of a light purple. And some glitter. I say this because right now,the world needs love,from all directions. Some of us need to love ourselves,the planet,all the different and diverse beings within and all around us,in this universe as we exist with one another. This phoenix is for humanity to open their hearts and allow the love to flow💗💜💖,forgiveness and healing.

    1. The cooler colors, blues, purples and greens speak to me. A reminder to slow down, cool off, regroup and cleanse our thoughts while we rise up and create a new world.

      1. I adore the bold brave feeling I get when I work with the Phoenix (which is a lot) As a symbol of renewal and rebirth and fresh starts. For 2021, I would love to have more passion and love so I would love deep fiery reds and oranges but with some pinks and purple maybe. Maybe a bit boring but I do love the Phoenix and all they represent. Thank you for this giveaway I’m a huge fan of your artwork. I hope I’ve entered on time, I am cutting it fine lol. Thanks again lotsa hugs and love xx

    1. I feel like we need the spirit of an uprising and the first thing I thought about was the Mockingjay, actually! So probably your quintessential warm colors: reds, oranges and yellows. And a dash of purple or violet never hurts! 💜❤️🧡💛💜

    1. i have been super partial to teals and turquoise and purples lately i think because i am a lucid dreamer and the only like….landscape i never had bad dreams in has a sky thats those colors. this year has been so hard for me, broken leg and ankle in 3 places, abusive ex, moved across stateline twice, ex’s family stole my social # and filed me as a dependant so i had to fight that. I want to come back from the ashes of this life i thought i would have and make something better for and out of myself. thats the feeling i have for this.

  1. Wonderful opportunity! ❤
    Counting the days til i can order the calender, i really have a tough time waiting for this one. Its like christmas!
    The first colours that popped into my head when seeing the drawing, was a blueish flame, and a greenish phoenix. I’ve always love blue nuances, and for me they are rather calming.

  2. Would love to win this! 🙏
    I imagine the Phoneix to have a mysterious, self empowered, positive aura feeling around it with lots of purples and pinks. 🙂💖😘💋🌸

  3. I think that Phoenix needs a aura of love… I don’t think there are many fire that burn hotter than the passion of real love

  4. Rainbow 🌈
    For different reasons…
    Rainbow is a spiritual essence of the Pure, like phoenixes and like you 🙏🏻✨
    Rainbow is “the color” I “saw” when this post arrived to me.
    Rainbow is like all the 7 Chakras together bringing Balance and super good vibes so yes, a Rainbow Aura with tones of white, yellow, orange and red for its body. 💛🧡💖💛🧡💖
    Thanks for everything and a super hug from Italy 🇮🇹

  5. I have been following you for the past 3 years and am so stoked about this upcoming one.
    I’m feeling green, red, and yellow.

    1. I was a bit conflicted on this. One side says red and shades of orange since the Phoenix is reborn from its ashes. The other part of me veers to shades of blue since the hottest flames are light blue/blue. Since Phoenixes are typically portrayed with reds and oranges, I have to say I’m partial to this piece being blue.

  6. Purples Blue and tealy green gradients/ombre… a calming aura with elements of healing,strength and love.. I’d love a Southern Hemi planner my 2019 one was amazing

  7. I think golden yellow. That’s just what I see when I look at it. By the way, I love it! I am Cherokee and the Phoenix has long been been associated with my tribe.

  8. Pink, cuz my favorite colors are a little too indicative of the bad emotions this year has invoked. Pink is a happy color though!!

    1. Good day Amy!

      After this year I’d like to see an aura of rebirth, regrowth, rejuvenation. I want to breath out a shift of collective conscience.

      All the best,


  9. When I think of a phoenix, I think of something being reborn. Rising from the ashes of its previous life. I see reds and oranges with some yellow and green mixed in. I see a phoenix, I think of the Goddess Brigid. I feel safe and whole in it’s presence.

  10. Black and dark blue at the base that evolves into orange and yellow, as if it’s leaving the darkness of the past behind and embracing the sunrise of the future.

    1. Whatever color you feel called to use and whatever book form you feel called to send.

      I’ve spent the last few years working on finding myself again and coming into not just my gifts and my personal power but learning to balance it all as I step into my spiritual purpose of helping and guiding others through The Dark Night of The Soul.

      I’m so grateful to you and for your books; it has really helped me on my path these last few years.

  11. The phoenix being a symbol of rebirth and renewal, hope, strength makes me feel the color aura of blue red yellow and orange, maybe rising from flames representing every color aka representing every emotion we have been feeling in 2020 and the phoenix being the symbol of hope, renewal (new year).

  12. I love this page, and I enjoy coloring the planners/journals. Excited about this next year. I would like to see the phoenix in reds and golds.

    1. I absolutely love your books and would love to win a spiral bound one signed by you with the spirit of the phoenix to be all shades of purple and the aura to be be one of strength

  13. When you “rise from the ashes”, like the phoenix, not only do you need strength, passion and courage but you also need conviction of heart, forgiveness to all who have harmed you and the peace of mind to know who you are and what you stand for so that you don’t get knocked back down! As for colors, I would love to have an original piece of what that means to you! Open interpretation of what I said And how it resonates and moves you! Thank you!!!💜

  14. Phoenix with blues and purples! Blue is my color and purple is my husbands.
    We recently celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary! We were married on 8-19-95, he was 23 and I was 21. Due to the COVID epidemic we couldn’t have the large gathering that we wished to have.
    I recently found your books and am inspired by them! Thank you for sharing your talented gifts.

    1. Well I’ve never really done anything like this before but I am really excited because I just recently started purchasing your work. And I do find it very relaxing and it does help me stay organized and relaxed. Knowing my life the way I do I probably won’t win anything cuz I never do so here’s to trying I’m still optimistic. Thank you again so much for the work that you do because it really does help me.

  15. Shades of blue and silver and white. Sometimes rising from the ashes to be born again is not to let the fire of some emotions overpower you.

    1. Ah! So cool Amy!

      My 10-year-old daughter was looking over my shoulder as I read this and said it should be colored like Fawkes from Harry Potter. =)

    1. I would love to see a purple, blue, red, and black kind of cool, dark vibe with hints of flaming red!

      (I couldn’t, for the life of me, find how to reply directly to this blog – sorry!!)

  16. 2020 has been such a fire so far, I’d like to think the worst is over and the beauty should be calm. Blue vibe, chill waves of power. Thank you!

  17. I would like it please to be just like fire, the phoenix is very special to me. Again and again, rising from the ashes (the story of my life). And coincidentally, the deadline is my 33rd birthday. Your work is beautiful, thank you for the contest, it’s very kind of you!

  18. Thank you for the opportunity to enter in this contest. Your work is so beautiful. Would love to see the Phoenix in bright red, flowing to oranges and yellows.

    1. I very much identify with the Phoenix as I’ve burned to nothing and have still built myself anew. I love the traditional red for the fire you have to have to rise again, but I’d like to see that paired with black, both for the ashes you were and to repel the negative going forward. Thank you! 🌛🌕🌜

  19. I live in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California and we just had the most horrific fire come through these mountains. We are all tasked with rebuilding our amazing community now so I would love it if this phoenix could be soothing blues, greens and purples. This would soothe my soul.

  20. purple. Like a burn it down, indigo and purple “hell fire” feeling because sometimes you have to start from scratch to get get it right.

  21. Love the idea of an orange hued core emanating out into purples and greens with a real spirit of renewal.
    Can’t wait to delve into the new year!

  22. I would love for the phoenix to have an earthy aura and colour vibe, one that depicts the warmth and fire of Autumn, but with some pops of purple 🥰

  23. Purple is such a royal and regal color, red for the strength of heart, and with the purity of a golden aura, I believe that would make a perfect Phoenix.

  24. My personal aura lately has felt very dark, so this phoenix needs something bright and beautiful to inspire me – I’d say yellow, green, and bright blue. 🙂

  25. Such beautiful work. My family could use some emotional healing right about now, so if I get picked for the winner, please color that Phoenix in bright greens and light yellows!

    Thank you for such wonderful contributions to the world.

  26. My baby is due next year so it would be awesome. I am looking for an aura which will protect us but especially him/her.

  27. I think everybody could do with a bit of a lifting up of the spirits these days. now naturally, with a phoenix, you’d think of flaming colours, red hues and orange tones. that’s a very fiery bird, no? but to me,
    a healing aura is blue. I once had a sort of vision of a medicine buddha, and it had a lightning-blue and white aura. so,
    if I should win this coloured page, please make it a fiery, fierce but wise bird with a blue aura that casts a healing light into the world. thanks!

  28. Soft colors! Nudes, pastels.
    I’ve been following you for some time, and just recently bought my first coloring book! I LOVE IT. My toddlers aged 4 and 6 thoroughly enjoy coloring with me (i copy and print for them). The older of the 2 tries very hard to color the same as me!! It’s a great bonding experience.
    I’d love to win!!

  29. I feel a deep purple with maybe silver hues coming with it. To showcase a brighter year compared to 2020. Gives hope and positive passion.

  30. I can see an indigo aura with hints of purple and green and metallic copper in the veins of it!
    Thank you for the beautiful art you create!

  31. Would love an original from you. So any colors you want would be great. I look forward to this planner every year I always start looking on Amazon as fall approaches.
    I’m gonna keep my fingers crossed that the powers above will decide I need a special birthday gift this year. My birthday is the 28th of September and your planner is the gift I buy myself

  32. For me I get a warm aura feeling, but with cooler colors, shades of purples and pinks perhaps. I have so much going on next year with work and my kids this would really help me stay organized

  33. I feel this Phoenix deserves the beautiful aura of blue. Blue auras mean wise and of course phoenixes are wise being reborn many times.

  34. I wrote a long entry,
    but it got cancelled?
    so in short: bird in red hues and orange tones,
    aura in lightning blue and white.

    thank you!

  35. As an eclectic witch, I love all your books I have started a collection for my own personal witchy library.

    The year agenda always helps me relax when the world is getting too full of pressure. I hope to have one of all your books in the coloring collection.
    I am also looking forward to reading your other books too.

    As to my Phoenix, I want a dark Phoenix. Like Malficent dark but not evil. As without darkness, there would be no light to shine through. As a witch who works in the shadows of magic and with many whom others would claim are evil there is a beauty to the shadows that have a light of their own that should be allowed to shine through.

    If my name is pick I look forward to a new year and hopefully 2021 is better for all kind and the earth.

    Blessed Be

  36. I’d like an aura of healing colors please. As an essential worker without any time off, healing and peace are necessary. Thank you for sharing your beautiful pages with us. Blessings!

    1. I see a silver, violet, to purple ombre aura! I think the Phoenix is the perfect representation of a new beginning, especially with the year we’ve had. Stay safe! 💜

  37. fire red with kintsukuroi gold! nothing represents the power of regeneration better than kintsukuroi, and the classic phoenix is a perfect match

  38. Wow! This is awesome! Would love red, orange, golden, yellow! I’m writing while coloring a Nigerian lion harvest mask in those colors with my 4 year old son (he’s also learning to color with pencils using your video lessons!). And my sun sign is Leo ♌ 🔥 ❤ 🧡 💛

  39. I think the aura that I would want is something in purples and blues because thats what I think a phoenix is like for me. Thank you so much for this opportunity!

  40. I see and feel this Phoenix having both dark and bright colors. The dark bold colors are closer to the base of the bird where it would be leaving behind the ashes of it’s past. Then it would increasingly get brighter as the colors reach further out towards the edges to signify it’s new beginning and rebirth.

  41. I would love for the Phoenix to be in the colors of bright blue and purple with a little red please. I love your journal’s every year so far. I am excited for this coming new year’s journal.

  42. I see the Phoenix outlined in a beautiful shade of purple blending inward gradient style. Purple to pink, pink to a pinkish orange, pinkish orange into yellow. It’s one of my most favorite photos of a Phoenix I have ever seen.

  43. Aura: Autumn colors like a beautiful fall bonfire 🔥
    Spirit: definitely fire- we need a spark of life back into our lives instead of all the doom and gloom.

  44. It is so generous of you to color and personalize a page for the winner. If I’m lucky enough to be one of the winners I think purples and reds appeal to me. Thank you again for your generosity and good luck to all that enter.

  45. Greens! Radiating heart chakra energy and blessings for the earth as I attempt to rejuvenate our storm-surge soaked soil, revive the raised vegetable beds, and save the trees from the hazards of soil salinity. Hurricane season was rough this year.

  46. I think the feeling is of new beginnings and the freedom and possibilities that come with it.

    As for color my favorite is a gradient/blend of purple orange and red.

  47. Blue hues; starting with lightest blue to darkest. I admit that blue is perceived as a “cool” color, tho blue flames 🔥 tend to burn white hot.

  48. Metallic copper around the edges, just around the outline, dark pumpkin orange for its head and outer edges, transitioning to a harvest gold in the middle and blending with a light blue as it gets to the base of the body where the tail begins. The rest of its tail should be white, a representation of a clean slate, a new beginning. The bright white heat at the center of a flame that makes everything pure. A vast portal of untapped, unlimited possibilities, which we all need in the coming year. This phoenix needs an aura of strength, of change, of power and freedom. It needs to burst out of the darkness of this year in all of its brilliant, radiant, vibrant magic and reignite that zest for life that seems to have dimmed for many of us.

  49. I envision my phoenix arising in an aura of intensely brilliant shades of electric violet. I have been admiring your beautiful 2021 Planner since I saw your first post of it. <3

  50. Hi
    That lovely Phoenix which is dear to my soul should be a fire speckled orange and yellow with bursts is gold fleck on tips . To represent the fire in Ones soul during a transformation from ash to take flight .

  51. I love the Phoenix 😍 I think blue (peace, stability, confidence) with some green (growth, healing, safety) 🖤

    Amazing giveaway – good luck everyone x

  52. I would very much love to win a copy if your 2021 coloring book. Would make a lovely addition to my Grimour and other books. Thank you for the chance to win. Love and light <3

  53. A deep galaxy purple in its breast complete with stars, the purple gradually lightening as is spreads, becoming burgundy fading into the colors of fire and rebirth. This bird has been through some shit. They’ve literally had to let their self die and be reborn/remade in the fires of birth/creativity/renewal/healing. They are no longer the same bird. They are now whole and resplendent. They have scars from what they’ve been through – as all who go through the process do (the stars on their galaxy breast) – but they do not hide them in shame. They acknowledge them as experiences that brought growth or rebirth, that brought pain, but that they also have overcome/healed in their process of being reborn. Always a part of them. But no longer fresh raw wounds.

  54. I would love to see autumn colors, warm tones and lots of dimension with various hues! I am personally feeling like a Phoenix because I just quit a toxic job of 10 years and I feel free!! Thank you for doing this giveaway so thankful lots of love, light and blessings!

  55. A spirit of confidence, strongly rooted and soaring free, receiving the messages of both the mystical and mundane… deep violet/indigo with the fierce flames of red, orange, yellow… all emerging from the misty green glow of the primordial heart essence of all that is.

  56. I believe this gorgeous creature would look lovely in a deep dark indigo blue gradation to lighter blue or even shades of aubergine/purple. Blue is said to be the hottest/purest flame and the Phoenix is a sign of renewal , my thinking is- like the Phoenix , as we shed what no longer serve us we burn our old selves and are reborn from the hottest flames into our new purest form. Until the next the end of the next learning cycle when we do it all over again.

  57. I’m a fire sign, so I’m going to go with warm, fiery colors such as reds, oranges, yellows, and golds – for a touch of magic. 🙂

  58. I would paint it with a peacock colored tail and with a fire like shade in the wings, all purifying and mystic ❤️🕯️✨

  59. I would love to see a red and orange aura! I’m wistful for fall right now living on a tropical island, so everything is reds, oranges, and yellows for me <3

  60. The Aura of the Phoenix should be blue at the center, and golden yellow on the outer edges with black in the space between, like staring at a candle flame.

  61. I appreciate the opportunity. If I am chosen, I would love the Phoenix to be of you choosing. Whatever you feel is powerful yet feminine. A warrior and a survivor. What colors come to you when you think of that with me. Id be forever appreciative.

  62. I think it would be lovely in shades of black, white and grey with silver or blue highlights! Thank you so much for all of your amazing work and this opportunity!

  63. Well my favorite colors are blue, purple and magenta. My hair is even mixed with those 3 colors, so I say that’s the aura I’d want the Phoenix to have. And I’m turning 40 on October 1st so the Planner for a Magical 2021 would be an amazing gift!

    1. A healing richness with a honest and reassuring set. Im thinking a bold mix of red and blue hues to represent this for all of us.
      Thanks for doing this Amy.

  64. I want to 🔥rise🔥 like a 🌈phoenix from the ashes of the challenges I’ve overcome this past year! I envision a bright yellow, shining aura of hope!✨💛✨

  65. 💜🧡💛 I see a bold, strong color combo to show what this Phoenix has overcome and been strengthened, not weakened

  66. I actually really dig the pink and purple combo you’ve got going there. I need lots of good positive energy to rise from the ashes of a lay-off and get through more job interviews. 💕

  67. Ooooo… I say purples aura…. I’ve followed you to yards and if loved everything yours offered… Just couldn’t get a planner this year due to funds…. Epic tho

  68. Herr God, Herr Lucifer

    Out of the ash
    I rise with my red hair
    And I eat men like air.

    That is an excerpt of a poem called Lady Lazarus by Sylvia Plath. Phoenixes have been an ongoing theme in my life, this poem helped deepen that meaning. This would be the inspiration for the coloring of the aura, for me.

  69. ❤️
    Light, enlightenment, fire, freedom, pure love – these are the things that come to my mind seeing this beautiful Phoenix.
    I love your work, and the 2020 planner has assisted me so much on my witchy path. Sending love from Israel

  70. Hi there. I love the Phoenix and very important. I see the Phoenix’s Aura is a deep sapphire blue similar as a gas stove, with pure white with a golden hue. If I win, I would love to have this colored as I described. Thank you. Shalom

  71. I would love a blue into pink. I have never won anything. As I a newbie. With all the health problems my mom is having right now I can definitely use some good luck..

  72. I absolutely love your books! If I’m lucky enough to win I would like the color to be a surprise. Or whatever color you think I would like! 🙂

  73. A purple aura for power and strength. Even if I do not win my purchased book will have the Phoenix colored with this aura ♥️♥️

  74. As a red-headed Scorpio, I’d have to say the color of Mars–a brilliant red! Buuuut as an INFJ Slytherin, I need green in there, too. That also balanced it out with masculine and feminine representation. <3

  75. I would love to see the phoenix almost sort of a galaxy type. The deep dark hues of blue, purple, blacl, etc, and transitions into pinks, greens, with stars mixed in.

    1. Grass greens and yellows with light blue for the 3rd 4th and 5th chakras.

      If you happen to see this I’d like to request you post pics if the three three completed designs.

  76. Hi😊
    Thank you for this amazing oportunity to win such a beautiful piece of art. I couldn’t draw if my life depended on it so it always amazes me how great some people are at it.
    And I would pick purple, teal and gold.

  77. What a fabulous offer, thank you so much…
    I am feeling turquoise’s, sea greens and golds …. all colours I am holding close to my future plans ❣️

  78. Hi there I think something that starts in a smoke grey (ashes) leading into shades of blue (air) my son’s color. thank you.

  79. How exciting! I love traditional flame colors for a Phoenix- but I’m kinda feeling a blue flame feeling for this…
    Artist’s choice! Love you and your work 😘

  80. Pink to let the love in, peach to inhale a breath of life, turquoise to awaken empathy and burgundy to awaken passion. So excited for the 2021 Planner. Thanks so much for all you do!

  81. A Phoenix colored in pink and violet 💜💗
    For inner peace and healing ✨
    Thank you for the opportunity to win this beautiful 2021 planner 🙏

  82. Hi! I would be happy with any way you color it. Like everyone I am feeling a lot of anxiety this year. I don’t know what to expect to feel next year.

    I am also wondering. Can we pre-order somewhere? Being able to look forward to a new planner would be lovely. 2020 was full of a lot of disappointing rewrites!

    Thanks for using your gifts to make special books and planners for us all!

  83. This is amazing! I’m so excited to get my copy ♥️ I’d love to see the Phoenix burning true and bright. It’s been a rough tune lately and I feel that’s hot burning Phoenix energy every day!!

  84. Good Morning From Australia,

    I am looking forward to the release of your Southern Hemisphere planner!
    2021 is going to be a better year 🙂

    an orange and yellow aura with flecks of red . the colours symbolising joy, positivity, good health, grounded and power.

  85. Purple and red, for fiery passion and spiritual awakening. I love you planners sooo much, has really helped me get hands on with my craft. This will be a gift for my little sister to spark her creativity in the craft<3

  86. I’d love it to have an aura of healing and transformation, something light in colour, newness. 💛💚💙🌟 I’m about to start a new phase in my journey of recovery.

  87. Hi! Love your Planners. I have your 2020 one and oh my 😍. I think an aura the screams STRENGTH! Would be Perfect & Amazing! This year has been very trying in so many ways.
    Thank you for the chance to win.

  88. I am feeling a full Rainbow of Beautiful colors. A gradient blend from the tips of the wings and tail all the way to the beak. So excited for the new book!

  89. Color me purple, blue and yellow.
    I love the books working my way through a collection and Mabon set. The information keeps me up on my practice and just enjoy relaxing break coloring them in. Blessings.

  90. I would love rich warm purples and oranges with a some red for my Phoenix 💜🧡❤️ The spirit of riding above, thriving and flourishing – connecting from the heart 😘🙏

  91. I’m gonna go with purple, but the phoenix is so cool, it will look great any color, especially like a blend of two colors like purple and blue or green and blue. What a perfect symbol for 2021 and hopes for the next year! Brilliant!

  92. I’m seeing yellow, blues, greens and purples… maybe a touch of red. Mostly, I see an ephemeral ethereal creature, the embodiment of hope, that even the end signals new beginnings, if you only look for them!

  93. I resonate with the classic Phoenix, that has flame colors. However, I know that extremely hot flames burn blue and white. So that might be a good way to go. 😉

    1. I would love it to have strong and mysterious spirit. <3 I love your works and Coloring book of shadows witch life have made me very happy lately.

  94. I would see a bluish white into more traditional colours, but honestly whatever inspiration strikes you. I love your colours when you colour.

  95. My phoenix wants to be deep metallic red with touches of rich gold and flecks of flame blue. But the candle should be purple for sovereignty. These are the colors of rebirth for me-my rebirth as a Crone Wisewoman!

  96. I would love for you to meditate on health, happiness & hope for all people during this time of upheaval, and then colour the page in whatever colours arise.

  97. I think a color palette of purple, pink, and magenta would be quite lovely for this Phoenix.

    I have always pictured my Phoenix to be those colors.

    Your choice as to where the shades colors should go!

    I love your books.

    You are truly a gifted artist!

    Thank you so much for the opportunity to enter the contest!

  98. Would love to win next year’s. Just lost my this year’s to a total house fire on Monday. Lost some fur babies and EVERYTHING! Will be difficult to color, as ALL craft supplies are gone, but maybe will get to replace colored pencils by the new year. If I win just surprise me with the color. Thank you for the giveaway drawing.
    Blessed Be.

  99. I am usually a classic Phoenix girl myself, but I also Love blues, how about an Ice Phoenix themed one. However you might interpret that.
    Planning as usually to get this in PDF. love the chance to possibly get a spiral version.
    Good luck to all

  100. Maybe a purple colour! I’m hoping to get this book for my ma who has been practicing for 21 years and has recently started to teach me! We love sitting down together and colouring in your book 🙂

  101. I have been somewhat stuck in the mud with my spirituality lately, so a phoenix rising from the ashes holds a special meaning as that is what I believe it will feel like when I finally do get back into improving my relationship with myself and my magick. Therefore, I think rich jeweled tones like burgundy transitioning to violet would be a good mix and help to inspire me.

  102. The aura of the Phoenix should be a fuschia, being an arch between the high vibrations of the purple and lower vibes of the red. 2020 has been a lesson to me that pink is my favorite color for a reason. I bring together the high vibrations and the low, but that doesn’t mean I’m everyone’s level.

  103. Instead of traditional fiery red, I’d like to see the Phoenix as a fiery blue aura, representing the bottom part of a fire where it’s the hottest 💙

  104. Orange fading into dark purple and lavender like a sun setting, making way for the moon to show through the night, a magical time

  105. Based on what the phoenix represents, I would love to see it rising from darkness like the ashes and have hues of all the seasons. To represent the cycle of rebirth relating to the wiccan holidays.

  106. When I looked at this pheonix I wanted it to be gradients of purples and blues. I would add some glitter to the bottom of the feathers and flames. I was thinking purple for psychic & spiritual energy, turquoise for intuition and blue for wisdom & stability.

  107. Well I’ve never done anything like this before number one. But I have been looking into these designs and your work and I brought three books in I’ve been using them like crazy so I really am excited about possibly waiting. But knowing my life it probably won’t happen in the because I try to stay positive a lot but it’s not really going my way right now so hopefully you guys can send me some positive vibes thank you I really do love your work! It really does help me relax and wind down after a long day and I can definitely plan things a lot better and I like the fact that I can read the stuff in the book and color it. Again, I appreciate your consideration I really hope I win.

  108. Being reborn from the ashes of 2020, I’m not quite certain what that will look like just yet but lots of deeply rich purples and golds with lavender and champagne highlights – absolutely gloriously sovereign! 👑🟪🌟🍾🔥

  109. Hello I would like the Phoenix to have a green healing aura to bring us a lot of hope to emerge out of this year with a positive take and learn well from this experience.Thank you

  110. Oh Gods and Goddesses … September 30th is my birthday! I deserve to win !! And I would love it to be a mixture of red, blue, lavender and gold. Or better yet .. just a surprise !!! kissessssssss!!!!

  111. I see lots of jewel tones (emerald, ruby, pearl, sapphire, etc.) with gold accents. Use what you feel to color it, it will look amazing!

  112. The Phoenix would be beautiful in shades of blues, whitish gold and purple. Blue for the fifth chakra expression of truth and self expression, purple for the sixth chakra – third eye intuition and inner wisdom, white gold for seventh chakra for connection to universal consciousness and spirituality. Like the Phoenix rising each day we get to start anew to express our best selves.

    Thank you for your generous give away.

  113. My choices are the colors of Mabon. All hues of rust, yellow, red, green. The Phoenix a swirling mixture of all with sparks of black. A wonderful gift to win for someone.

  114. Thank you for this opportunity!
    I like earth colors, greens, blues, browns, etc. But I always envision phoenixes to be red/orange/yellow tones.

  115. I think I want the Phoenix to have a soft loving aura, pastels would be different for what I would first think of with Phoenix but think this Phoenix can represent a calming and peaceful aura for me at this time 🙂

  116. I’d love to receive your planner if chosen as the giveaway winner❗I really like turquoise and aqua marine and feel their descriptions represent me perfectly and have asked others to confirm as well 😁Love your color pages btw! And would love the planner❗

  117. Shades of purple, gray and black, and striking yellows… signifies royalty, as we are queens. And the bright yellow coming from the gray signifies light from the darkness… my birthday is October 23rd.. this would be an amazing birthday surprise, as I’m a recent widow trying to find my path again. Thank you!!

  118. Phoenix means deep red, so I choose red. Red for love, energy, power, strength,passion, heat, anger, danger, and warning. Everything I am working on my spirit to be and more. Same as on Instagram and Facebook. I really like my response because it connects to what I lack in spirit and hope to one day have for myself love.

  119. Red and orange because I came out of the ashes. I was reborn as the Phoniex when my son was killed in Iraq. 🧙🏻🔥

  120. I need this book!!!!

    I imagine my phoenix would have an aura of self-confidence and power because I could use a daily reminder of these things. The colors orange, red, and yellow are speaking to me!!!!

  121. I have fall colors on my mind, so for me it would be a red phoenix with an orange/yellow aura! <3
    Thank you for this amazing opportunity to win an autographed copy!!! That's so awesome!
    Namaste! <3

  122. The first thing that came to mind is an aurora borealis. So : a glowing phoenix with bright blue and green with some deep black for the contrast.