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“Coloring Book of Shadows” gets a new cover!

I’m so excited to show you this NEW COVER for Coloring Book of Shadows (published 2016 — previously with a white cover).

Also, I just want to make it super clear that this is a NEW COVER — SAME “OLD” BOOK and not a new book!

However there is a (new!) hardcover with premium 70# paper, and there will be a spiral-bound later in June, 2019.

Hope you like it!

(and here’s Volume II, so you can see how lovely they look together xo)

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  1. Hi Amy,

    I only see the paperback and hardback copies. Where can I get the spiral bound version?

    Thank you for your lovely drawings! They are inspiring. <3

    1. Post

      hi Cynthia! The spiral-bound will be available soon, I’ll be linking up the main page on my website with the links as soon as they are available!

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