Do you like fun, spooky books?! Introducing Lilac Skully!

Fun Halloween Books

Home alone in a haunted house. What could go wrong?

Hi! I wrote this super-fun fiction book!  It’s the first book in a series of seven, and is available on Kindle Unlimited, Kindle, and good ol’ paperback.

I would love it if you’d check it out! It’s my first work of fiction and a story about learning to accept yourself even if you feel strange and misunderstood. Nope, it’s not a coloring book, but I wanted to mention it here on the blog just once—ya know, in case you like things that are cute and fun and a little spooky… ?✨?

Lilac Skully has her own website and newsletter, so if you like creepy-fun books about awesome little girls… you’ll love Lilac Skully! Ages 8-adult.

thanks for checking it out!



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  1. I love your beautiful drawings. Whimsical but not cloying. Detailed but not overpowering. From your videos you seem to be a lovely young woman (I’m 72 so I can say that, since I’m an Crone. And how about drawing the Crown for say Winter in some future book.) Even at my age I am still learning new things. I am certainly learning from you. The lock down has not affected me much since I stay home a lot but I’m always looking for new ways to keep entertained and keep learning. Keep up the really good work. Some future ideas could include Dia de low Muertos, traditions,foods, decorations. The Crone and the Cauldron. Cuernunos and his beast friends. The ABC or Magical and Mythical Beasts and Creatures. Merpeople. Beautiful medieval elves a la Lord of the Rings. Altars. Maybe a Gothy, Steampunky book with drawings with crows, haunted mansions, steampunk machines, cats, vampire-like people, etc. And maybe some paper dolls. What the well dressed witch is wearing, with accessories of course. Thanks again. And keep on putting out you wonder -filled coloring books. Isabel Herrera Hagar*

    1. Post

      hi Isabelle! thanks so much for writing! I’m so glad you like them! I actually included a crone in the 2021 planner! I also love paper dolls and all of your awesome ideas. thanks again.

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