A Spell to Learn from Your Dreams

A Spell to Learn from your Dreams

A Spell to Learn from Your Dreams

From the Planner for a Magical 2018, a spell to learn from your dreams and become more aware of your subconscious.

March is an awesome time to dream, both the subconscious ones while sleeping and by tuning into your “real” dreams, or that inner voice and calling.

March begins with the sun in Pisces, a watery symbol of dreaminess, the moon, the subconscious, and emotion. It’s also the month of the Spring Equinox (approx. March 20), which is the most powerful time to start something new in accordance with Earth and seasonal energy. March is a great time to delve deep into what you truly desire, and to plant the seeds intentionally in a Ritual at the Equinox… and then bring those dreams to fruition during the rest of the year.

When you look at Nature in the spring, it’s when things start to bloom effortlessly. The plants and flowers and baby animals literally “spring” forth with that unstoppable life-force energy. And that’s the earth energy that we have available to us as Witches at the Spring Equinox. The opportunity is yours to plant these powerful seeds, then “ride” that wave all the way through the growth of the summer, the harvest of the fall, and back into the reflection of winter.

It’s an incredibly magical and powerful time, and Ostara, the Spring Equinox is the Sabbat and ritual that I take most seriously in my own practice.

In preparation for the equinox, try looking for messages in your dreams in the first part of March. This spell is an aromatherapy style charm with herbs and essential oil scents that can help bring on prophetic dreams. Another tip from this spell that is 100% free and available to anyone, even if you don’t use oils or herbs, is to keep a dream journal and simply be more aware and open to receiving messages in your dreams.

And if you think you don’t dream, you may be surprised how much you do once you are aware and writing them down before you forget.

So, sweet dreams! Hope you find something interesting in the deeper mysteries and messages of your dreams and desires.

A Spell to Learn from Your Dreams

Book: Planner for a Magical 2018
Colored with: Prismacolor Premier Pencil

Charm Bag:

  • Beige
  • Ginger Root
  • Light Umber

Herbs and Greenery:

  • Olive Green
  • Limepeel
  • Spring  Green


  • Poppy Red
  • Carmine Red
  • Blush Pink
  • Pale Vermillion

Rowan Berries:

  • Pale Vermillion
  • Beige


  • Sienna Brown
  • Light Umber
  • Dark Umber

Yarrow and Jasmine:

  • 20% warm grey
  • yellow

A Spell to Learn from Your Dreams

A Spell to Learn from Your Dreams



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